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Lesson: Abram Follows God (Genesis 12) - Ministry-To-Children (1)
This free Bible lesson plan for children comes from Genesis 12, where God reveals his promise to Abraham. This passage lays out the big picture of what God will do throughout the rest of scripture. Through the blessing of Abraham, God is making a new people who will ultimately bring blessing to all peoples.

Lesson Title: Abram Follows God
Bible Reference: Genesis 12:1-9
Target Age Group: K4-K5
Learning Context: Sunday School
Target Time Frame: 30 Minutes
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Memory Verse: So Abram left, as the Lord had told him. Genesis 12:4a
Gospel Connection: In Genesis 12:1-4 God makes a promise that will be a focal point for much of Israel’s history. God promises Abram that he will become a great and mighty nation. This promise is fulfilled through Abraham’s son Isaac and the nation of Israel. Abram faithfully follows God, which is what we all have been called to do in our own lives.
Learning Aim: Children will learn that God called Abram to follow Him and that Abram faithfully followed God.
Optional Coloring Sheet: Download our free Abraham coloring page to accompany this lesson plan.
Note: In the teaching plan below the words in italics are meant to be read aloud. The regular text is simply directions for the teacher.
> > > > Basic Teaching Plan < < < <
Open the Lesson: Welcome the children to class. Ask them how they go to church today. Did they arrive by car? Did they walk? Did they ride a bus? Allow children to respond and explain how they got to church. When everyone has had a turn to speak, say There are many different ways to get to church, but you all had to follow someone to get to church. Maybe you followed your parents or grandparents. Today we are going to learn about a man who had to follow God to get where God wanted him to be. But he wasn’t going to church, but to a faraway place that he had never been to before. He had to trust that God knew what was best for him and follow God.
Father Abraham: To build interest in the lesson, ask the children stand and lead them in singing and dancing to the children’s song, Father Abraham. Words are as follows.

Father Abraham, had many sons,

and many sons had Father Abraham.

I am one of them and so are you.

So let’s just praise the Lord.

When the song is over tell the kids to sit down so that they can hear the beginning of the story of Abraham.
Biblical Evidence: Open your Bible to Genesis 12 and begin reading to the children. It might be more beneficial to the children to read from a children’s Bible or in the teacher’s own words.
Read verse 1. Say, God commanded Abram to leave his home and his family. Can you imagine how scary that would have been for Abram? It would have been hard for him to leave his home, but he wanted to please God.
Read verses 2-3. Say, God promised to bless Abram if he did what God told him to do. That means that good things will happen to Abram. God promised Abram that he will have many children and grandchildren and that his family will become a great nation. They will become the people of God, a nation called Israel.
Read verses 4-5. Say, When Abram heard that God wanted him to leave his home, he left. He didn’t wait. He left immediately and followed God. God wants us to follow Him just like Abram did.
Read verses 6-9. Say, while Abram traveled to his new home, God told him that he would eventually have the land in which he was traveling. Abram thanked God by building an alter in his honor.
Following God: God wants us to follow him no matter what we do or where we go. Play this game to help children remember that they should follow God. Pair up the children. One child will be the leader and the other will be the follower. Have all children begin by standing behind a starting line. The leader should stand in front and the follower directly behind. When the teacher says GO the children must get from the starting line to the finish line. Encourage them to dance, jump, wiggle, slide, etc. across the room to the finish line. The catch is that the follower must do whatever the leader is doing. If both of the children make it across the line then they are winners. Reverse the children’s roles and play again.
Making A Promise: Remind the children that God made a promise to Abram and that God’s promises are good. God is always faithful and wants us to be faithful as well. Say, God made several good promises to Abram. He promised that a great nation will come from Abram. He promised that Abram’s name will be great among the Earth, and that all people will be blessed through Abram. God always keeps His promises. God wants us to keep our promises too. What kind of promises can you make that you can keep? Allow children to respond. We can promise to be nice to our sisters and brothers, share with our friends or help our parents with something around the house. Encourage children to think of something that they can promise to a parent, sibling or friend. Once they think of a promise that they can make to someone, such as promising to eat all their dinner to their parent, or promising to share a favorite toy with a sibling, give them a piece of paper and ask them to draw a picture of the promise that they made. Write I promise to …….. on the top of the page. When the child has finished their picture have them fold it and seal it in an envelope. Write the name of whomever they are giving their promise to on the outside of the envelope. Have the children take these pictures home and encourage them to keep their promises. Say, God keep his promise to Abram, and he wants you to keep your promise too.
Review Questions: Use these statements to review the main points of the Bible story. Tell the children that you will say a fact about the story. If it is a true fact, they should clap their hands. If it is not a true fact they should remain silent.

  1. God commanded Abram to leave his home and go to a new land. (Children should clap.)
  2. God did not care what happened to Abram, he just wanted him to leave. (Silent. Say, God wanted Abram to listen to him and he cared about what happened to Abram and to Abram’s family.)
  3. God wanted to bless Abram. (Children clap.)
  4. God promised Abram that he would be the father of a great nation. (Children should clap.)
  5. God always keeps his promises. (Children should clap.)
  6. God does NOT want us to follow Him. (Silent. God wants us to follow Him just like Abram followed did.)
  7. Abram left and followed God immediately. (Children should clap.)
  8. Abram thanked God for blessing him. (Children should clap.)

Closing: Say, God loved Abram and all of his people. He chose to bless all of his people through Abram. God made a promise and He kept it. God wants us to keep our promises, just like He does. God loves us and wants us to follow Him, just like Abram did.

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Lesson: Abram Follows God (Genesis 12) - Ministry-To-Children (2024)
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